Transmission Grating Efficiency

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Explanation of Tables

Grating Efficiency
The fraction of the incident radiation which is diffracted into a single specified order (positive and negative orders treated separately) as calculated by the scalar diffraction theory as, for example, is described by H.W. Schnopper et al, Applied Optics 16, 1088 (1977).
The chemical formula is required here. Note that this is case sensitive (e.g. CO for Carbon Monoxide vs Co for Cobalt).
If a negative value is entered, the chemical formula is checked against a list of some common materials. If no match is found then the density of the first element in the formula is used.
Ratio of the gap between the rectangular grating bars to the grating period.
Grating Bar Thickness
Thickness of the bars in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the grating.
Fractional grating area
The fraction of the grating area which is not obscurred by the support structure (=1 if no support mesh).
Support mesh thickness
The thickness of the support mesh only effects the zero order efficiency.
A GIF plot is generated for viewing the results. For numerical values, follow the link above the GIF plot to an ASCII text file. For a nice looking printed copy, you might try using the EPS file.