Layered Mirror Reflectivity

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Explanation of Tables

The chemical formula is required here. Note that this is case sensitive (e.g. CO for Carbon Monoxide vs Co for Cobalt).
If a negative value is entered, the chemical formula is checked against a list of some common materials. If no match is found then the density of the first element in the formula is used.
Grazing Angle
In keeping with the standard notation for the x-ray region the incidence angle is measured relative to the surface (NOT the surface normal).
Pol = 1 corresponds to s-polarization (electric field perpendicular to the plane of incidence). Pol=-1 corresponds to p-polarization (electric field in the plane of incidence). Pol=0 for unpolarized radiation.
A GIF plot is generated for viewing the results. For numerical values, follow the link above the GIF plot to an ASCII text file. For a nice looking printed copy, you might try using the EPS file.